//first blog jitters//


I have been putting off writing my first blog because I feel like I won’t have anything of substance to talk about, but I’m gonna give it a shot. I guess what I will talk about for this first blog is how incredibly blessed I am and how I take things for granted.

I want to dedicate this post to everyone in my life that makes it worth living. I seriously have the best best people in my life. It’s crazy! Caleb and I were having a convo today about how someone commented that we had a huge wedding party and this was his reply, “I’m not going to appologize to anyone for having a lot of amazing friends.” That is so true.

I feel like a lot of times when I’m feeling down I take for granted all the things that God has given me. When I start to think of everyone in my life that mean the world to me, I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving. Where would I be without my family, my amazing mother and father who have been there for me and have been an amazing example of how I should live my life. My momma is the most amazing woman I have ever known, I know I’m biased but I’m also serious 🙂 My mom is the kind of woman I strive to be. I hope to one day be half of the mother that she has been to me. I am today because of her love. My dad is the quiet pillar in our home. He always prays for us and sends us notes of encouragement. He is never at a loss for telling me and my sibs how proud he is of us. Every morning when we were little he would get us up early for a family scripture reading. And we wouldn’t just read it, we’d discuss it, find out what it means and how to apply it to our lives. That made a mark on me. I’m so greatful for everything that my parents have sacrificed and done for us. I love my parents so much.

Then I think about my wonderful sister and brother…I love them so much and feel so honored to be their big sister. I feel like I have learned so much from them and continue to learn from them all the time. As we have gotten older, we are no longer just siblings….we are friends. My sister is my best friend and I love her so much. She is an amazing mother and I look up to her for that. My brother is quiet but he’s funny and is very caring. I think his caring spirit most comes out when he is around Lola, but she brings out the best in everyone 🙂

Next I think about my amazing amazing grandparents, most have went to be with the Lord and whom I miss dearly. They were so supportive and I looked to them for wisdom and unconditional love. My grandma Audrey  has always been a loving set of arms to me and my family. She has a list a mile long of people that she has prayed for every day since I can remember. And if you needed prayer and she knew about it she’d add you to her list. I want to be like that.

Next I have to mention all my loving aunts, uncles and cousins. I love you all. We asked one of my cousins to get ordained and marry Caleb & I. He did an amazing job. There could have been no one else for the job.

Next I have to mention all of my wonderful friends. I have made so many friends during my life. I am pleased to say I am still friends with my childhood friends. My 2 best friends from birth and still in my life. I then made amazing friendships in college and those wonderful girls are still here with me when I need them. Then when I moved to Tulsa I made and continue to make wonderful friendships. I would be a complete mess without these girls. They help make me what I am! Shout out to Joy & Britt since I know they might be reading this. I love you both dearly!

Last but definitely not least is my amazingly supportive and handsome new husband!!! I am so in love with this man its crazy! To quote Damien Rice, “I can’t believe what I’ve found…” He is my better half, as cliche as that sounds. I can’t believe that I found someone who truly loves and accepts me the way that I am. I trust him with my heart and will love him until the day that I die. He amazes me.

I want to end this with a quote i heard the other day.

“Love is not a place
To come and go as we please
It’s a house we enter in
And then commit to never leave.”

~Warren Barfield